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Wipro interview questions

Dear friends,

May be you are preparing for placement in reputed company like Wipro. Let us discuss a brief overview and probable technical placement questions that can be asked in the interview:

Name: Wipro

Tag line: Applying Thought

Services: Wipro provides services in diverse fields like business process outsourcing, consulting, business technology, enterprise application, infrastructure management, product engineering, testing etc.. These services are provided in industries like aerospace, banking, consumer packaged goods etc.

Address: Corporate Office:

Wipro limited,

Doddakannelli, Sarajpur road,

City: Bangalore-560035

Country: India


Phone: 91-80-28440011

Probable (Sample) placement questions:

Questions on C

1. What is the difference between printf ( ) and scanf ( )?

2. What is the difference between getchar ( ) and getchare ( )?

3. Differentiate between “iostream.h” and <iostream.h>.

4. What is the difference between scanf ( ) and gets ( )?

5. Can a C program be written without main ( )?

Questions on C++

1. What is polymorphism?

2. What is inheritance?

3. What is virtual function?

4. What is binding?

5. What is friend function?

Questions on Java

1. What is type casting?

2. What is a thread?

3. What is socket programming?

4. What is the difference between application and applet?

5. What is RMI and servlet?

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