AON Hewitt: Placement Exam Experience

Hii guys, I got through in a company called AON Hewitt. My experience is as follows.

Written Test-60 questions in 60 minutes
*English was lengthy-took almost half hour
*Logical Reasoning-Hardly could attempt 10 questions
*Arithmetic-am not very good at it. So , barely managed to do 5 of it. As there was no time left
Due to no negative marking, I just tick marked remaining questions randomly.
I was keeping my fingers crossed as the attempt was just mediocre .

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Interview of comedy circus fame actor Rajiv Thakur

WS: Congratulations for you successful journey to small screen.

RT: Thanks a lot.

WS: Tell us something about your birthplace.

RT: I belong to the city of Golden Temple-Sri Amritsar Sahib.

WS: About your family members.

RT: I am in this position with the blessings of my parents and well wishes of my wife and sisters. I have a lovely cute daughter.

WS: Tell us about your acting interest. How it is started?

RT: I have interest in acting from my school days. I was involved in theatre activities since my childhood. I did a lot of theatre during my college days in D.A.V. College, Amritsar and Khalsa College, Amritsar. I used to participate and direct plays during Guru Nanak Dev University Youth festivals and other theatre festivals.

Here I would like to pay my regards to S. Jatinder Singh Brar, founder Punjab Naat Shala, Amritsar. He provided a platform to lots of budding theatre artists. I would also like to thank my theatre colleagues.

WS: Your famous plays?


I have also directed plays like DEATH OF A SALES MAN, DAAYRA, MITHYA. I was selected 5 Times best actor at University Level and I time at national level.

WS: You seem to be a serious artist. How was your journey as comedian?

RT: Comedy is the most serious acting style because it is very difficult to make people laugh. I was 2nd Runner Up in first ever Comedy Contest on PUNJABI CHANNEL MH1 “HASDE HASANDE RAVO”.

Then laughter challenge happened. Then after that there was no looking back and rest is history. I have won many accolades for laughter challenge series and now the comedy circus series. I am also doing a comedy serial “sajan re jhoth mat bolo”.

WS: Yes, as many times told by judges, you are the most hard working artist in these shows.

RT: Thanks.

WS: Your future plans or wishes?

RT: I want to be the most wanted actor?

WS: Your message to budding artists.

RT: I am also in learning stage. Even then, my only message is hard work pays one day. So, keep trying. Opportunity can come in any time. All the best and keep loving me.

WS: Thanks for your time.

RT: Thanks and you are most welcome.

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Types of laser

The lasers can be classified on the basis of state as explained below:

a)      State of laser medium: According to the state of laser medium, we have solid state lasers like ruby laser,gas lasers like He-Ne laser and carbon dioxide laser, semiconductor laser and liquid laser like dye laser.

b)      Mechanism of pumping: According to it, we have optical pumping based lasers like ruby laser, electric discharge based lasers like He-Ne laser. Pumping can also be done through chemical reaction.

c)      Nature of output: According to nature of output, we have pulsed lasers like ruby laser and continuous wave lasers like He-Ne laser.

d)      Spectral region (wavelength) of output: According to it, we have ultra violet, visible and infrared lasers.

Note: Do you know what is pumping or how atoms/electrons are excited?

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Metastable State

It is also the excited state but having life time of 10-5 to 10-3 seconds. Population inversion occurs only in between the metastable state and lower state. The two states in between the population inversion occurs and laser is achieved, the upper one is known as upper laser level (ULL) and lower is known as lower laser level (LLL).

Note: Two levels lasers cannot be constructed. Can you explain why? Atleast three levels are required to produce laser.

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Population Inversion in Lasers

Normally the population density of atoms/electrons is more in the ground state than the excited state. But if the process of stimulated emission dominates over the process of spontaneous emission, then it may be possible that N2 > N1.

Where N1 is the number of atoms in the ground state and

N2 is the number of atoms in the excited state.

The process of achieving greater population density of atoms in the higher energy state as compared to lower energy state is called population inversion. The atoms from lower energy states are raised to excited states by external energy.

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Note from winnerscience: If you want the e-notes of all the laser  articles that will include the basics of lasers like stimulated absorption, difference between spontaneous and stimulated emission, Einstein  Coefficients, properties and applications of lasers, complete construction and working of lasers like Ruby laser, He-Ne laser, Carbon dioxide laser, Nd:YAG laser, dye laser, semiconductor laser, holography and additional articles of Q-switching and mode locking, then please contact You can post your queries also there.

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HIHT University, Dehradun- Pre Medical Entrance Examination (PMEE) 2011

HIHT University, Dehradun invites application for admissions in MBBS through Pre Medical Entrance Examination (PMEE) 2011.

Commencement of sale of application forms: 12 January, 2011

Last date for submission of forms:                6 April, 2011

Date of examination:                                    3 June, 2011

For more information, visit:

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DOEACC society- admissions in industrial training courses

DOEACC Society, Chandigarh invites applications for the following 6-8 weeks & 6 months industrial training courses for the students of B.Tech./B.E./BCA/MCA:

a)      Embedded system & design

b)      Cisco certified course (CCNA)

c)      .Net technologies

d)      J2EE

e)      PHP/MySql

For fee visit:

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DOEACC society- admissions in diploma & Post graduate diploma courses

DOEACC Society, Chandigarh invites applications for following diploma and post graduate diploma courses:

a)      Diploma in Hardware & Networking

b)      Diploma in computer networking

c)      PG diploma in computer application

d)      PG diploma in information security & system administration

e)      PG diploma in software technologies

For duration, eligibility & fee visit:

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