Work and its types

Work: In physics work is said to be done when a force acting on a body displaces it through a certain distance. The work by a constant force is measured by the dot product of force will displacement.

i.e. W = F.S or W = F S cosq …(1)

where F = force and S = displacement

And q = angle between F and S.

From eq.(1), we have W=F cosq x S. Therefore, work done by a force is equal to the product of the component of the force in the direction of displacement of the body and the distance through which the body moves. Continue reading “Work and its types”

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Best journals of Energy of 2011

Now a days lots of result is done in the field of energy science. Energy science may include biodiesel, solar energy and other many energy resources. I have compiled the list of best or top 20 journals of energy science. If you are researcher in this field you can search these journals and try to contribute their articles for the same. The ranking is done on the basis of impact factor of journals. Continue reading “Best journals of Energy of 2011”

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Earth and Cosmological Events

Cosmology is a science related with the space. It can be divided into two parts. one is the physical cosmology and other is the modern cosmology. Physical cosmology deals with the origin, evolution and future of the universe. There are various cosmological events which can affect the earth. The events like speed bump, black hole, asteroids ( a large one) and supernova can affect the life on earth.

Supernova is a stellar explosion, can result in a burst of explosion and can outshine the entire galaxy. During a small interval supernova supernova is expected to radiate a large amount of energy which is equal to energy radiated by the sun in his whole life.

Literally black hole means where gravity prevents anything to escape even the light.  It is called black because it reflects nothing.

This cosmological events can definitely affect the earth. If you know more events, then please share with us.

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Gravitational force and its properties

Gravitational force is the weakest force in nature. There are many properties of gravitational force, but first of all let us discuss about the various fundamental forces present in nature. There are mainly four types of forces exist in nature:
1. Gravitational force
2. Weak nuclear force
3. Electromagnetic force
4. Strong nuclear force.
Today I will discuss about the gravitational force
We all know that earth and other planets revolve around the sun but why? We are attracted towards the earth due to gravity of earth or in simple words force of attraction of earth. Basically gravitational force is the force between any two objects. The objects can be microscopic or macroscopic. Continue reading “Gravitational force and its properties”

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