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What is Inverse square law

There is a law in physics commonly known as inverse square law. As the name suggests, in this law some quantity is inversely related to another quantity. Let us discuss in detail.

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Gravitational force and its properties

Gravitational force is the weakest force in nature. There are many properties of gravitational force, but first of all let us discuss about the various fundamental forces present in nature. There are mainly four types of forces exist in nature: … Continue reading

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Dispersion and Spectrum

You must have heard the terms dispersion and spectrum. For example, in easy words the RAINBOW pattern is called spectrum and this happens due to dispersion. Let us discuss these two in detail:

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Steps involved in Extraction of metals

Do you know that metals we used in daily life like aluminium, copper etc. are extracted? There are different steps involved in extraction of metals. Let us discuss them one by one: 1. Crushing and Grinding First of all, ores … Continue reading

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Can anything be invisible

when I was child, I used to think that, oh God made me invisible. Probably same thing must be came into your mind also. But can there be anything invisible in reality? Can you made something invisible?

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Price discrimination and its types

Price discrimination is usually called monopoly price discrimination. It means a situation in which the monopoly firm charges different price from the customer for the same product. In such a situation the buyer has no choice but to buy it … Continue reading

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Dear Friends, We invite you to write for us. But the article should be original and in your own wording. If you think that articles are benefiting you then you can also benefit our readers with your experience. You … Continue reading

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How to protect environment

There is a great need today to protect our environment. But question arises here how to protect our depleted environment?  But first of all “Happy World Environment Day”. But are we really happy with our environment! The obvious answer is … Continue reading

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Energy Associated With A Charge Distribution

Do you know that the energy is associated with a charge distribution . This  associated energy is also known as Electrostatic Energy. Let us calculate this energy associated with charge distribution: When a test charge is moved from a point … Continue reading

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Einstein Coefficient Relation

Einstein Coefficient Relation derivation and discussion: Einstein showed the interaction of radiation with matter with the help of three processes called stimulated absorption, spontaneous emission and stimulated emission. He showed in 1917 that for proper description of radiation with matter,the … Continue reading

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