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Wow! Yes, this is the word I uttered when I saw the website e-learningforkids.org. The website is essential learning resource for kids from nursery to 6th class. But according to me, it is also useful for higher grade students. Continue reading “Learn with e-learningforkids.org”

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New IIT Pattern 2013

At last, the both the IITs and government agree for a new IIT JEE pattern from year 2013. Earliers IITs were not in agreement with the HRD minsiter Mr. Kapil Sibbal proposal. One of the hindrance was to include board exam number in the test. Even now the board exam is considered. Continue reading “New IIT Pattern 2013”

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A different blog called scienceblog.com

“Science news straight from the source”, this is the tag line of a famous blog known as scienceblog.com. As the name suggests this blog is related with the latest science researches and it publishes the press releases from the science organizations named in the stories themselves.

The scienceblog.com comes into picture of the blogging world in the year 2002. Since then it is serving the science community.

One can find out various articles on different filelds like:

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • maths
  • Environment
  • Psychology
  • Computers
  • Electronics

In fact all the fields are covered.

One can also write contribute science news at their blog.

You can visit this very useful blog here:


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M.Phil from PTU

There is good news for students want to do M.Phil. The Punjab Technical University commonly known as PTU is starting M.Phil program from this session in following subjects:

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Environmental Sciences and
  • Journalism & mass communication.

The admission will be done on the basis of an entrance examination and then interview of shortlisted candidates will be conducted.

Detail of educational qualification and other criteria is available on PTU website:


The last date for receipt of application is July 9, 2012 and the fee is rupees 1000.

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Pricing methods or pricing strategies in marketing

There are different pricing methods or strategies which are used by the marketer to attract the customer.

1.) Cost based pricing: this type of pricing strategies uses break even concept which means the point where the total cost = total revenue. Profit will be zero at break even point. At level where the total revenue > total cost there is profit and where total revenue< total cost there is loss. Continue reading “Pricing methods or pricing strategies in marketing”

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Price bundling and its types

Price bundling:

It is the practice of selling two or more separate products together for a single price. This is usually done in case of goods which are sold as package. Like mobile phone with data cable, cover, head phone etc. it is of three types:

1.) Pure bundling: this type of price bundling is used where two products can be sold only as package. For example a new pen is always sold with its refill.

2. )Mixed bundling: it is used when the product can be sold separately as well as a bundle. For example pizza hut’s pan for four.

3. ) Tying: in this case a main product is purchased with the complementary product. Like nail polish is purchased with its complementary product nail polish remover.

price bundling and its types
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