How Electronic Devices Affect Sleep Quality

Sleep. You remember that? It was that lovely revitalising thing we all used to do every night. Pfft! Not any longer.

It seems these days everyone I speak to, from family members to friends, is suffering from some sleeping disorder or another. If it isn’t problems falling to sleep, it’s frequent waking and in some cases full blown insomnia. Eek! Continue reading “How Electronic Devices Affect Sleep Quality”

Meaning of Renewable energy and 6 major types of renewable energy

Meaning of renewable energy:

The term renewable energy is very popular now a days. Due to depletion of other resources of energy, there is need of other sources of energy. Let us first discuss the meaning of renewable. As the name suggests the term Renewable consists of two terms. One is “Renew” means “which can be used again and again” and second term is “able”. Thus renewable means which is able to be used again and again. Continue reading “Meaning of Renewable energy and 6 major types of renewable energy”

Production or origin of Continuous X rays

Last time, we have discussed about the origin of name of x rays that is why x rays are known as x rays.

Today, we will discuss how x rays are produced? It is proved that whenever fast moving electrons strike a target material of high atomic number and high melting point x rays are produced. But what happen after the collision of electrons? Why and how x rays are produced then? Let us discuss it:

Continue reading “Production or origin of Continuous X rays”